RAF Paint Colours


You can Download a Paint Chart with the NCS Paint Mixing Codes (and RAL Codes if they exist) for most common RAF Colours.



I know the Dulux Paint Mixers accept either codes, I assume Crown and other paint Mixing systems do as well, I have only ever tried the RAL in Crown.


The NCS code provide a more accurate colour than RAL, but you would be hard pushed to notice the difference.


I seem to remember the NCS codes are entered without spaces/dashes, I cannot remember if you need the leading S or not


The official line from Dulux is

Our Dulux Tinting Machines will not recognise RGB codes, our machines only recognise British Standard, RAL, NCS, Dulux Palette and the Dulux Tinting Machine reference numbers

All colours are mathematical conversions and are near matches to the original colours

Click on Link Below to Download Paint Chart


RAF Colour Chart DownLoad