Complete the Illusion

Make you model come alive with ModelMarkings! Give a professional finish to you models, complete that illusion. A range of Computer Cut Vinyl decals provide a easy and simlpe and quick way to finish you your model. Durable and fuel proof. Most decals can be produced as paint masks for those who perfer a painted finish. Traditional Water silde decals and printed vinyl decals are used...


Computer Cut Vinyl Decals

Cut Vinyl Decals have revolutionised the use of decals on model aircraft, as they can be accurately reproduced to any size without losing any resolution, giving precise and smooth contours and perfectly straight edges.


Paint Masks

About Paint Masks . . . Paint Masks are digitally cut from 80ยต vinyl specially designed for this application. It is very flexible with a medium tack adhesive which boasts a zero residue when removed. Masks can be used to reproduce insignia, squadron lettering, serial numbers, and numerous flat coloured motif's. General insignia are a breeze with paint masks, and using a simple alignment procedure you can...


About ModelMarkings


ModelMarkings was formed to address the needs of the RC modeller.   ModelMarkings can provide that final finishing touch with Computer Cut Vinyl Decals or Paint Masks for your latest free magazine plan built model or to add those fine details to your scale masterpiece or ATRF model. 

What is Available


Computer Cut Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Paint Masks

Printed Cut Decals

Aircraft Sets

CAA Registration Markings

Military Markings

Sport Plane Markings


What My Customers Say

image"They're perfect, thanks" - Mosquito Night Fighter Decals

"The masks are first class, easy to apply/ remove there not as tacky so they lift the paint when you remove them. For things such as roundals, tail flashes etc.. There is a very simple and effective alignment procedure which uses dots. - Paint Mask set for Brian Taylor Mosquito

"Just wanted to say a big thanks for the decals i got today! They look just right! The 201 is very impressive work!" - Decals for  US NAVY Phantom F4

"Far in excess of anything I could produce" - Blackburn B2 Logo


Tucano 2011 Scheme



For 2011 the RAF had an impressive Blue and Silver scheme.


The Decal Kit comprises:
          Self adhesive:
          Printed set of Warning Markings
          Cut vinyl Roundels and Fin Flashes     
          ZF378 Markings

          Matt black anti glare panel and wing walk panels
It also includes a set of computer Cut Stripes in Red, white and Blue, these are produced in covering material and iron on.  Given the complexity of the stripes, they do require some trimming and fitting, but the hard work cutting a set of symmetrical curves is done for you. I do not recommend they be applied over std Solarfilm, but any of the polyester films will be fine.


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